SCG 4m Ultimate Bell Tent with Zippable (Zipped In) Groundsheet


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4 metre Ultimate Bell Tent (sleeps up to 4) with a durable 295gsm cotton canvas canopy & heavy duty 540gsm zippable groundsheet

The 4m Ultimate Bell Tent offers you the best glamping experience - an integrated, 540gsm heavy-duty zippable groundsheet, together with waterproof 295gsm cotton canvas canopy.  Not only can you roll the sides of the walls up on a hot summer's day but you know that you're 100% water tight should the rain pour down.  The 4 metre ultimate bell tent will provide you with the best security and comfort in the glamping world.  

If you can stretch to that litte bit extra, choose our Ultimate Bell Tent, it has top of the range 295gsm cotton canvas that is 100% waterproof -  more than standard bell tents on the market - together with a thick, durable 540gsm heavy-duty zippaple groundsheet.  Our top of the range bell tents will last a long time, even when used often, when you look after your canvas.

Compared to other bell tent suppliers, our tents are higher spec than average - check it out for yourself:

  • 540gsm heavy duty zipped in, waterproof groundsheet that will keep you 100% water tight, whatever the weather

  • Lightweight but strong 295gsm, high-quality, 100% unbleached cotton canvas, significantly stronger than other suppliers!

  • 38mm galvanised steel centre pole - UP TO 6mm more than other suppliers

  • 4 unzippable windows/air vents, complete with mosquito netting to prevent midges!

  • All tents are UV and mould-resistant (please note, no canvas is entirely mould-proof, it's recommended that you take it down every now and then to dry it out completely when it has been up for a while, especially if it's become wet after rain)

  • Weighs 25kg

  • An SCG Ultimate Bell Tent with a zipped in groundsheet lets you roll up the walls on a sunny or muggy day
  • Groundsheet at the entrance folds flat when open to stop tripping and can protect against flooding

  • Corners of doors have a flap that allows power cables into the tent without having to make a hole or affect flood proofing
  • The bell tent entrance can be 'locked' by padlocking the three door zips together
  • All of our Bell Tents have loops and attachments to fit an inner tent should you decide you want to add one. This is a feature that not many bell tents have.

  • Centre pole has a metal hoop feature, great for hanging things from
  • Pack your bell tent down into a matching canvas bag small enough to fit in the tightest of boots! (approx 96x33x33cm)
  • Natural colour - no bright white or multicoloured nightmares - our unbleached cotton canvas gives a natural light inside (please note, colour may vary slightly from pictures, and from year to year)
  • Material is treated to be water resistant for up to 60 weeks of constant use. You can then re-proof the tent yourself, from £25. It is UV and mould-resistant (Please note, no canvas is entirely mould-proof, so we strongly recommend that you take it down every now and then to dry it out completely when it has been in use for a while, especially if it's become wet after rain. If you do have to pack it away wet, make sure you get it out within 24 hours to dry it out properly).
  • An A-frame entrance. This feature creates a porch to stop the rain coming in. Tents without this feature can let the rain in!
  • Takes one person about 15 minutes to erect (realistically)!

  • Ideal for those hardy campers who like to get out and about whatever the weather
  • Beautifully made from high quality materials

This 4 metre Bell Tent fits two double air mattresses comfortably (three at a squeeze) but is also great for single/double occupancy - live like a King or Queen!. This tent is perfect for couples wanting ample space and also for small families.  Enjoy camping in luxury whatever your needs with our 4m bell tent.

If you're looking for that bit more space, why not check out our SCG 5m Ultimate Bell Tent.

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